The ‘arrow support’ Vision

To provide high quality, individualised and modern support services to individuals who require support to live in the community.

We will:

Base each package of support on an individual’s needs and requirements

We will design and adapt a package of support to meet the individuals needs. We will work in partnership with the individual, professionals and appropriate family and friends to design, maintain and evolve the package of support as the individual moves through life.

Provide person centred support

We consider an individual’s values, beliefs and choices to be of utmost importance in ensuring quality of life and successful personal development, whilst living in the community.

Work as part of a team, to provide a streamlined and responsive service

We work alongside Social Care, Voluntary and Health services, so that each individual receives support in a seamless manner. We acknowledge that there may be times of crisis in an individual’s life where a multidisciplinary approach will be required to support individuals in a more extensive way. We understand the importance of familiarity and continuity during these times.

Provide a transparent service

We value the input of others in the development of our service. We have nothing to hide and work openly and professionally in acknowledging both our strengths and weaknesses, and seeking support to improve on our areas of weakness.