Support is provided through a careful process of matching Support Workers with Service Users.  All persons referred to arrow support are assessed by one of the managers, who will then look at the needs, wishes, aspiration and interests of the Individual and match them with the skills, interests and experience of our support workers. The assessment can be relaxed and informal and can take place in any location that suits the individual.

If we have existing Support Workers who we think would be a good match for a Service, we will then introduce them to the individual. We will never ask someone to receive support from or provide support for someone they don’t know.  Support is generally provided in teams, by the same support workers who get to know the services well.

We often encourage  Service Users to take part in recruiting their own staff teams, through being part of the interview panel. This helps Service Users to be part of their own support and to have people, in their lives, who they enjoy spending time with.